• Cathlin Goulding

Newsletter #1 / Winter 2020

Thank you for signing up to stay in touch with us. It has been an amazing year of initiating new relationships and ideas. We’re so excited for 2020 and look forward to sharing our new projects with you!  Back in December, we presented Teaching Asian American History to Expand the Narrative and Build Connections at the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference in Seattle, Washington. We discussed challenging the dominant historical narrative as a big reason why we need to teach about Asian Americans. Here's one telling example: the dominant story of the Grape Boycott of the 1960s was that it was led by Cesar Chavez, who organized Mexican Americans around this struggle for better living and working conditions. However, Filipino farmworkers were a major part of the protests against farm owners like those in the grape industry; in fact, Filipinos had been organizing up and down the Pacific coast decades before Mexican Americans became farmworkers, and at other sites such as salmon canneries. Larry Itliong and other Filipino leaders initiated the Grape Boycott and had to convince Chavez and Mexican Americans to join in on this fight.

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