Our educational resources help teachers, youth, and organizations explore the invisible stories in our history so they can uncover larger truths that expand the narrative and create a more inclusive society.


Our work draws from a tradition of culturally relevant pedagogy, in which students’ backgrounds and knowledge are viewed as a valuable resource in the classroom. We embrace recent re-thinking of the educational project that considers theories of un-doing settler colonialism and the work of resisting white supremacy.


We develop curriculum packages according to the needs of teachers, schools, or organizations, whether it be individual lesson plans within a larger unit or an entire educator’s guide of lesson plans geared toward particular content. Lesson plans are written for PreK-12 classrooms, structured with essential questions, objectives, and differentiated engagement strategies in mind. Lessons are interactive and focus on students at the center of learning.


Our workshops guide participants through a variety of activities and introspective discussions so they can investigate new perspectives and gain a greater understanding of society. The content of these workshops is based on scholarly research, media and film, and identity development. Depending on the needs of the school or organization, workshops can be tailored to align with academic standards in the humanities. Participants can range from middle school youth to young adult.


We create and facilitate professional development that provides teachers with rich educational tools to engage their students with your institution.
 We also provide inquiry-based workshops that enlist educators in knowledge-building about Asian American history and stories.