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Curriculum Writing Institutes

Bringing Asian American History into the Classroom

Do you need support planning lessons with Asian American history in mind?


  • Feel confident teaching students history through a multicultural, social justice lens.


  • Start your next unit out strong with pre- planned, relevant, and effective lessons that honor Asian American history and culture.

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Curriculum Writing Institute

Online 2-Day Curriculum Writing Institute

Coming in 2024!

Gain a stronger understanding of Asian American history

Instead of spending hours poring over books and the internet, get an overview of Asian American Studies themes and history to help you start on a stronger foundation to develop lessons.

Create entry points for these stories in your curriculum

Educators are mandated to follow standards using textbooks with virtually zero Asian American history. We will help you find what you need to integrate Asian American stories into your classroom.

Be in a community with educators doing similar work

Stop being the teacher doing this work all alone in your classroom. Collaborate with educators and get individualized coaching sessions.

During this 2-day Curriculum Writing Institute, educators will create lesson plans and strategies centering Asian American stories within their curriculum by:


  • getting an overview of Asian American Studies themes and history

  • closely examining a variety of resources and determining ways to integrate this into the classroom

  • collaborating with other educators

  • getting one-on-one coaching with Co-Director, Freda Lin

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