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Who Killed Vincent Chin?: Civil Rights Activism|POV PBS

Who Killed Vincent Chin? is a landmark 1987 documentary film. It unveiled one of the most well-known hate crimes against Asian Americans and exposed the failures of the American justice system. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Chin's murder (and PBS' re-airing of the film), YURI partnered with PBS' POV to create a discussion guide related to the film. We also wrote K-12 learning experiences paired with clips from the film. Viewers will gain an understanding of the importance of the Vincent Chin case as it pertains to hate crime laws, the justice system, and Asian American civil rights activism. 


It's Lit! | PBS Digital Studios + The WNET Group

For PBS Digital Studio's smart and funny It's Lit! web series, YURI designed new curriculum on gothic fiction writer Anne Rice, the history of Japanese manga, and the emergence of the graphic novel as a literary genre. YURI also worked on new digital interactive tool, in which learners can map out the basic elements of a work of fiction or nonfiction.


Expanding Role of Women | The Smithsonian Institution, National Portrait Gallery 

YURI composed a 160-page curriculum guide for the National Portrait Gallery's permanent exhibit, Out of Many: Portraits from 1600 to 1900. The guide, which includes key strategies for reading portraiture, focuses on the portraits of 19th-century women. 

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Teaching Asian America: Curricular Conversations for PK-12 Spaces

In response to the 2021 Atlanta spa shootings, this half-day online workshop guided educators and instructional leaders on ways to integrate the long and complicated history and experiences of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders into their classrooms. 

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Education Materials for PBS' The Asian Americans | WETA

YURI worked with PBS member station WETA to edit and publish over 30 educational resources for the Peabody award-winning film series, The Asian Americans. YURI refined background essays and reformulated educational activities for accessibility and student engagement. The resources are paired with clips from the documentary, touching upon lesser-known stories as congresswoman Patsy Mink and Asian American tech workers.


Lessons and Activities for '63 Boycott | Mikva Challenge

In partnership with Mikva Challenge and Kartemquin Films, YURI contributed an original curriculum to pair with the documentary short, '63 Boycott. The film is about the 250,000 students who boycotted the Chicago Public Schools to protest racial segregation in 1963.

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Summer Curriculum Writing Institutes | The Fred T. Korematsu Institute

YURI coordinated multi-day curriculum writing institutes for the education nonprofit organization, The Fred T. Korematsu Institute. Teacher participants from around the country engaged in professional learning to develop lessons on the World War II-era Japanese American incarceration. Teachers created lesson plans for film segments of documentary films and published them on PBS LearningMedia.

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Educator's Guide to Resistance at Tule Lake | Third World Media

YURI wrote an 80-page guide for K-12 educators to accompany the 2017 documentary film, Resistance at Tule Lake. The film tells the long-suppressed story of incarcerated Japanese Americans during WWII. Designed for secondary and college-aged students, this curriculum guide is a series of interactive, source-rich lessons and assessments that can be taught alongside a screening of the film.

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Issues to Action | Mikva Challenge

Mikva Challenge develops the next generation of civic leaders, activists, and policy-makers by training young people in their roles as citizens and leaders through authentic democratic activities. YURI revamped their Building Community modules by combining new lesson ideas with existing resources.

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We Hereby Refuse: A Guide for Educators| Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

With writer Frank Abe, YURI developed this 70-page curriculum guide to pair with the 2021 graphic novel, We Hereby Refuse. The novel tracks the unique dilemmas faced by three Japanese Americans during World War II and how each chooses to take up political dissent in the face of state power. The guide includes dramatic play activities and analysis of key primary sources for students.


Anti-Asian Racism: Connections in History | PBS LearningMedia + Center for Asian America Media

In partnership with the Center for Asian American Media, YURI created a set of rare primary sources and educational activities to study the long history of Asians and Asian Americans in the United States and address the persistent "perpetual foreigner" myth.

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Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir | The WNET Group + PBS American Masters 

YURI wrote curriculum modules to pair with clips from the 2021 documentary film, Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir. The resources include an interactive to explore mother-daughter relationships in Tan's groundbreaking novel, The Joy Luck Club.


Rising Up: A Racial Injustice Youth Workshop | F.O.R.

YURI developed an online workshop in July 2020 to help youth in F.O.R., a South Bay Los Angeles-based basketball league unpack anti-Asian racism and its connection to the Black Lives Matter movement. The workshop included responding to news media and creative writing.

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Curriculum for MISSION U.S. | The WNET Group

MISSION US is a series of historical games developed by The WNET Group. YURI developed educational materials to accompany their newest game, Prisoner in My Homeland, which turns to the World War II-era Japanese American incarceration through the eyes of a teenager, Henry Tanaka. YURI created writing prompts, vocabulary exercises, and primary source-based activities.


Reading Guide | This Is My Brain in Love by I.W. Gregorio

YURI compiled and edited an educator's guide for I.W. Gregorio's newest YA novel, This Is My Brain In Love (Little, Brown and Company Books for Young Readers). The book centered on Jocelyn Wu, a junior in high school in Central New York. Her family's restaurant, A-Plus Chinese Garden, is at risk of shutting down. The guide contains a series of teacher-authored activities and discussion questions.

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Teachers' Guide | Exclusion: The Presidio's Role in World War II Japanese American Incarceration 

YURI created a 58-page teacher guide to support educators in their preparation for the San Francisco's Presidio exhibit, Exclusion: The Presidio's Role in World War II Japanese American Incarceration. These standards-based lessons -- which can be used independently of the exhibit -- include interactive activities, background information, handouts, and primary sources


Asian America: "Who Will We Be?" Workshop | F.O.R.

YURI developed this workshop for teens in F.O.R., a junior sports association for Asian American youth in South Bay Los Angeles, CA, to help them decide on personal and community goals. Participants engaged in community-building exercises and reflected on who they are, what it means to be Asian American, and how they connect with the world around them.

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