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Rising Up: A Racial Injustice Youth Workshop

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

YURI developed an online workshop in July 2020 to help high school youth unpack anti-Asian racism and its connection to the Black Lives Matter movement. Through a variety of interactive activities, small group discussions, investigating historical primary sources, and manifesto writing, youth were able to begin processing and understanding these issues.

This workshop was for Asian American youth organization, South Bay F.O.R. Junior Sports Association, which aims to nurture young people’s leadership development through community service and sports. F.O.R is based in the Los Angeles area and stands for Friends of Richard. It honors Richard Nishimoto, an athletically gifted youth who tragically died at the age of 18. F.O.R.’s PlayMakers Project offers high school students the space to understand Asian American history and identity as it relates to racism, along with leadership styles and mentorship.

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